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FREHNIG Automatic Pump Testing System is an integration of FREHNIG flowmeter, pressure controller, vacuum controller , rpm meter and energy meter. The software has been refined after extensive feedbacks from the users.

The system is capable of switching ON the motor, then using electrically actuated valves , the pressure and vacuum valves are set to preset values as defined by the user in the software . The system then reads the relevant readings from the transducers. This data is then processed and the results are stored in a database. 

Also the processed results are plotted on a graph and by extrapolating the declared points on to the curve several observed data is gathered and then stored in the database. These results are then compared with the declared values . If the compared values are within the tolerance limits then a GREEN lamp is switched to indicate PASS . If the observed values are not within the limits then a RED lamp is switched to indicate FAIL.

Extensive set of preset values are available using which the testing operation can be fine tuned for each and every model of the pumps to be tested on the rig.

The reports are generated as per pump testing standards, which provides complete information of the status and performance of the pump.

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